Efficient loading and unloading

Effective, Efficient and Reliable

It has always been a feature of baking with deck ovens that large loads have to be lifted and moved quickly and at high temperatures - often for shifts of eight hours and longer. As a result it has become increasingly difficult to find motivated employees for this type of work.

Making working at the oven easier! This was the initial idea for the development of loader units for deck ovens. As well as this human aspect, however, these systems also offer benefits in terms of efficiency and economy. Rationalization and economy: Improved efficiency in the bakery All this is offered by the high-tech COMFORT loader and unloader series. These units are made in Germany and combine precision with versatility and offer, for both small and large batches for extensive product diversity and rapid change of assortment, the best rationalization potentials with high levels of economic adaptability. Work in your enterprise thus gains in performance and flexibility.

Automatic loading
manual loading