High-tech loader and unloader series: COMFORT for deck ovens

These units are made in Germany and combine precision with versatility and offer, for both small and large batches for extensive product diversity and rapid change of assortment, the best rationalization potentials with high levels of economic adaptability. Work in your enterprise thus gains strong performance and flexibility.

COMFORT loader/unloader units have proven themselves many times in daily use. They are highly robust, designed for multi-shift working and fitted with high-quality drive systems; they are computer-controlled and work either semi-automatically or fully automatically.  Use the loader alone for manually loading, or integrate it into your business’s process system - functional reliability is guaranteed at all times. We offer a valuable body of experience that enables us in turn to offer a wide, diverse and above all, an individually customizable product range.  Our sophisticated automation concepts always feature the best possible combination of ovens and loaders and various different infeed and delivery options - and are optimized in each case to meet the needs and requirements of each customer. Loader, loading table, proving trolley, intermediate loader and outfeed conveyor, vacuum suction device - you choose from a wide selection of all these elements and we deliver a professional, functioning system. Our multidisciplinary project teams are available to provide personal and professional advice at all times.


Christian Japes
Project manager
+49 2103 4904-42