For twice the performance

The PICCOLO II is always the best option if you want to combine the professionalism and diversity of tried-and-tested WACHTEL oven technology with large baking surfaces. Deck widths and depths of up to 1,200 mm allow you to combine extra capacity with working at a more ergonomic operating height. When baking with the “triple” width PICCOLO II-S, for example, you can have as many as 3 trays (400/600) side by side. Handling in front of the oven thus proceeds even more smoothly and with greater operational convenience. At the same time, this allows you as a baker to clearly show across a broad front that you are baking high quality fresh goods. 

The flexibility does it - also with the PICCOLO II:

  • Baking different baked goods at the same time.
  • Continuous baking the whole day long: Economic efficiency assured because individual decks can be switched on or off

Sensible and convenient: The proofing compartment on the bottom with adjustable electric heating and vaporizing and a thermal fan. For all PICCOLO models.


  • Mechanical steam distributors
  • Steam condensate unit
  • Proofing cabinet
  • ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology)
  • Subframe
  • 7-day clock
  • Intermediate panel
  • MASTER EM computer control (EnergieManagement)
  • Spacer with tray supports
  • PC software WIN SERVER

Technical Data

Attribute Unit Data
No. of decks (max.) 6
Decksize (WxDxH) [mm] 1200 x 800 x 140/165/200
No. od trays/deck (max.) 4
Baking surface/deck [m²] 0,96
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 1573 x 1240 x acc. to configuration
Footprint [m²] 2,0