Bake cleanly and quietly with electric firing

When you need an alternative to traditional firing methods: COMET ovens come without a burner unit and without the need for a flue gas stack. These models are used wherever electricity, with all its advantages, is a wise and economic option.

We produce the baking chamber, front and external cladding entirely in high-quality stainless steel. Its individual parts are not bolted but rather welded strongly and securely together. Moreover, every COMET stands on an 8 mm stainless steel base plate. These are decisive plus points for guaranteeing a long service life.

COMET rack ovens also offer an exceptionally large baking area while requiring little space. The extra-tall baking chamber accepts 20-shelf transport racks as standard - while maintaining the minimum spacing required for baking, allowing over 80 mm between shelves. Compared to rack ovens that take only 18 shelves, you can bake over 11 % more product in the same surface!

Special feature: you can control the COMET from three sides! Simply open the front flap to access the switchgear, controller and drive elements directly.

  • No burner unit and no connection to a flue gas stack
  • Solid construction for long, reliable operating periods
  • Rack carousel with loading capacity of up to 330 kg
  • SHOPMATIC controller as standard


  • IQ TOUCH control
  • WIN SERVER software
  • Rack lift
  • Flowmeter

Technical data

Attribute 075.5 075.8 1.8 1.10
Number of layers (max.) 16 16 20 20
Total baking area (84mm space between layers) [m²] 4,8 7,7 9,6 12
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH) [mm] 1350 x 1460 x 2435 1580 x 1580 x 2330 1580 x 1580 x 2640 1780 x 1780 x 2640
Footprint [m²] 2,0 2,5 2,5 3,2
Ovenweight [kg] approx. 1300 approx. 1400 approx. 1500 approx. 1920

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