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Back then, people would grind up corn, mix it with water, season it and bake it on a stone that had previously been heated up by a wood fire. Later, as techniques developed, the first clay ovens were built. These allowed the wood-fired oven tradition to be kept very much alive. Improved methods and discoveries led to the grain being ground more finely, and flatbreads evolved into loaves.

Man realized the benefits of this baking process and continued to refine the methods. Clay ovens came to be replaced by brick ovens. Wooden components such as doors were replaced by cast iron. These wood-fired brick ovens, with all their refinements, changed little over many centuries. Eventually the time came for this outdated system to be catapulted into the 21st century.

Thus, a new wood-fired oven has been developed that meets the modern demands of an artisan bakery and fulfills the principles of the German bakery trade. In line with its products, it bears the name BONFIRE and is now in its third generation. Wood pellets are used for the heat source in place of heavy logs. Ideal heat retention is delivered by our in-house designed chamotte stone, on which the bread obtains an even bake. The BONFIRE is available in three versions.


This is what customers like best of bread from a wood-fired oven:

  • Crisp and well developed crust
  • Hearty and home style taste
  • Juicy crumb with a smoky flavor
  • Long shelf life and freshness

The BONFIRE wood-fired oven with its features fulfills the modern demands of traditional craft bakeries:

  • Baking oven with direct automatic pellet heating – a renewable and eco-friendly fuel
  • Central interconnected high tech control – separate baking program and temperature per deck
  • Product related heating phase
  • Chamotte stone with ideal heat storage capacity for gentle temperature changes
  • Combined with a COMFORT oven loading system, the production in the wood-fired ovens can easily be automated
  • Optimal integration with other WACHTEL production oven ranges
Holzbackofen - BONFIRE

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