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Modern shop bakers will boost their productivity deploying the new IQ TOUCH generation of controls.

A hightech control for all types of baking ovens that’s just as intuitive and user-friendly as your smartphone: IQ TOUCH enables comprehensive baking features, individual user adjustments and sophisticated energy management.

Perfectly matched with WACHTEL REMOTE, it allows you to remotely access and monitor processes and operating data for all ovens – all you need is internet access. The combination of this hightech control system with the WACHTEL REMOTE management tool results in more transparency, control and productivity for today’s shop bakers.


The traditional art of baking combined with high technology

The operation is reminiscent of the smartphone: intuitive, fast and user-friendly. A large, high resolution color screen (7 inch / 9.2 inch, depending on oven model) displays everything important at a glance: Nominal and actual temperature as well as programs and baking times. The hygienic, robust glass surface makes quick clean-up easier. The large LED display shows readiness for baking and baking operation and cautions against possible irregularities.

Clever and smart

  • 999 automatic programs, 1 manual program (10 phases, 10 preset standards)
  • Intuitive operating logic as in a smart device (e.g. smartphone)
  • Individually adjustable, customized menu design
  • Different user accounts: own product photos can be integrated (50 preset images of baked goods available)
  • SOUND MODULE Wide choice of freely selectable signal tones for program-specific, acoustic identification signals for different baking programmes
  • 9 languages (German, English, French, Dutch, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian)
  • Network compatible: LAN, W-LAN (Access Point)
  • Secure and stable software 
  • Free-of-charge updates

IQ TOUCH 9 specials:

  • Large LED bar in traffic light colors for easy status interrogation from a distance
  • Optional: removable SD card for automatic data storage (behind control panel)
  • Diverse oven modes for deck ovens: group, mono or single-deck baking - decks or deck groups not in use can be switched off

Ovens with IQ TOUCH

IQ TOUCH 9             IQ TOUCH 7

COMET                    INFRA



WACHTEL REMOTE enables operating data and processes of all GENERATION IQ devices to be monitored, analysed and visualised remotely. With WACHTEL REMOTE bakers benefit significantly from considerably greater transparency, control, and effective quality and efficiency enhancements. You can install WACHTEL REMOTE separately and free of charge on all Windows end devices.

  • perfect transparency
  • secure quality monitoring
  • long term increased energy efficiency
  • easy process optimization
Everything at a glance with WACHTEL REMOTE

WACHTEL REMOTE is a highly intuitively operable Management Cockpit Tool which allows connecting with your WACHTEL equipment conveniently from a distance, via PC or tablet, quickly, easily and absolutely securely.

WACHTEL REMOTE provides a convenient means of visualizing and controlling every parameter required for the baking process. The software enables the monitoring of the baking programs activated on the units as well as uninterrupted monitoring of manual operations and the monitoring of efficiency parameters. 

With the WACHTEL REMOTE software the most important operation and consumption data (e.g. energy consumption) can be read and analyzed deck- and oven-specifically. Consequently, this management tool sees itself as an essential building block for pivotal, future-proofing process optimizations within the operation.

WACHTEL REMOTE is an indispensable element for computer-supported production geared toward increasing efficiency. A "must-have" for added professionalism, transparency and perfect quality monitoring in the innovative artisan bakery.

Visualisation of WACHTEL REMOTE's topology
  • Remote management software, Windows-based –for all GENERATION IQ devices (choice of languages: German or English)
  • Monitor, visualise and analyse various operating data and processes
  • Seamless monitoring of operator interventions, idle times and active eco-functions
  • Baking program library spanning the entire branch network
  • Fast service requests and spare parts ordering at the click of a mouse
  • Automatic notification of pending servicing work
  • Basis for quality and usage analyses plus efficiency ratio calculations
  • Free updates of the WACHTEL REMOTE software
  • easy to install

WACHTEL REMOTE's user interface

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