Seven days, different saleswomen, but always the same quality in rolls. In most stores this is a utopia, unfortunately. On occasion the proofing has been determined by the saleswoman. With the cool rising plus system this is no longer necessary. Parameters relevant to quality are set upfront during production. The saleswoman always has oven-ready pieces of dough in the unit and can respond immediately when demand increases. The product comes out of the unit right into the oven. No proofing space is required.

The process is as follows:

  • pieces of dough are prepared as usual
  • these dough pieces are stacked in the cool rising plus unit using board
  • sit is always possible to place additional boards in the unit
  • it does not matter if the quantities are large or small
  • using the core temperature sensor which is inserted into a roll from the last board put in, the system determines the optimum control process
  • once the target temperature has been reached, the unit switches over to the storage function

With a cool rising plus unit you save valuable time every day. The pieces of dough do not have to be run from a vacuum cooling unit to a low-temperature storage cell anymore. Moreover, less space is needed because it is possible to stack 50% more boards in the same space.

Experts prize our technology too: COOL RISING PLUS was awarded the iba trophy.


  • controls chilled proofing of pieces of dough with minimum differences between core and surface temperature
  • controlled cooling prevents the migration of humidity to the coldest spot in the unit; the longer, controlled cooling time makes for the proofing process desired (partial proofing); the flavor-forming enzymes and materials go on working actively and controlled
  • if the flour does not absorb enough water, the moisture is directed to the surface of the dough piece to prevent skin from forming


  • decisively better baked good quality
  • considerably more flavor and crispness
  • keeps fresh considerably longer
  • constant supply of a defined range of goods with minimum logistical effort
  • ongoing readiness to bake the products without additional final proofing
  • extremely short lead times at the point of sale, since a proofing phase is unnecessary
  • increased productivity during productionproofing and cooling in one cell

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