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High-tech loader and unloader series: COMFORT for deck ovens

Loading systems massively lighten the load in modern bakeries that work with deck ovens. If you regularly work with deck ovens, you will be familiar with the issue: High temperatures and moving huge batches in short spaces of time can soon make daily work processes a major hassle. Over several hours, this very physical activity can become a burden – it is not easy to find motivated staff who want to do this work.

Loading systems work wonders here. They automatically or semi-automatically load and unload dough pieces from deck ovens, which is a great weight off bakers’ shoulders. But the human aspect is not the only focus of this automation. Loading systems also offer enormous benefits in terms of streamlining and cost-saving. Using loaders and unloaders will dramatically increase the efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your bakery.

The COMFORT series: effective loading systems by WACHTEL

WACHTEL loading and unloading systems combine precision and versatility. They are Made in Germany and enable bakers to switch bakery products in no time at all, no matter the batch size. This makes it easy for bakeries to be highly adaptable and sell a wide array of products. This is a sensible move from a commercial perspective as bakeries can increase their capacity and flexibility.

COMFORT loading and unloading systems have proven their worth in bakeries the world over. Their sturdy design makes them highly robust and perfect for multi-shift operation in the bakery. They can handle up to six deck ovens, each with up to twelve decks.

The COMFORT loading systems are fitted with high-quality drive units. The system is computerised, making it easy and convenient to operate with a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen display. And bakers can gain an overview of all processes here. The system can also be controlled manually in emergency situations. The dough pieces are accurately positioned using light barriers. There is also a built-in automatic safety stop.

COMFORT loading systems run either fully or semi-automatically. The loader can either be used solely for manual loading and unloading or integrated into a company-specific working cycle. COMFORT loading systems are highly flexible. and available in three different models with various features for your individual needs.


Sophisticated automation concepts and flexible combinations

The COMFORT loading systems are perfect for combining with other WACHTEL products. As a supplier with the ability to offer advice on a wide range of subjects, WACHTEL is a one-stop shop for tailored bakery concepts. You will get the highest-quality bakery products and maximum loading and unloading efficiency when you combine a WACHTEL deck oven with refined WACHTEL automation technology. 

Each individual sophisticated automation concept always includes the best possible combinations of ovens and loaders as well as various infeed methods and transportation options. So baskets, proofing boards and cross-oven loaders can be used to feed in bakery products. At the end of the day, we aim to meet our customers’ every need.

The WACHTEL loading systems are available in various versions for maximum flexibility. The COMFORT loading systems are available in the COMFORT G, M and K models. The G model is fully automatic, the M model is automatic and the K model is semi-automatic. There are also differences in the maximum number of ovens that each model can handle, the maximum speed of the cross-loading and the dimensions of the base frame. The options for integrating a wide array of upstream and downstream components also vary. 

At WACHTEL, you can shop a diverse product range that offers the perfect solution for every bakery. Contact our project team now to design your customised automation project.


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