LOADER PRO | Wachtel GmbH


The professional loader for automated artisan bakeries

The deck oven acts as the centre of every artisan bakery. However, the on- and off-loading of the oven involves hard physical work that often requires a high amount of working hours. An automated loading device is of great help when it comes to relieving the employees and to ensureing a smooth working operation: The LOADER PRO is the optimal choice for high and low loading heights. 


LOADER PRO - At a glance

  • Automatic infeed and outfeed conveyor
  • 7-inch-touch control near operator on loader front
  • Light sensor for automatic baked goods outfeed
  • LEDs under loading tongue for perfect lighting
  • Special high performance motors (frequenzy-controlled)
  • Anti-collision grid for lowering motions
  • Mobility due to parking position above the highest deck
  • Throw together batches of bread or other baked goods