SEMILIFT | Wachtel GmbH


Foolproof loading and unloading in seconds

Loading and unloading deck ovens by hand, day in, day out, is back-breaking work. Using the SEMILIFT manual loading device helps to take the weight off your bakery staff’s shoulders. Place dough pieces on the canvas setter, select the required deck, the motor lifts the device, accurately positions it in front of the deck and then inserts and unloads it. Done!

§  Portal design: fixed to the ground or bakery oven

§  Loads and unloads decks of 600 to 1,800 mm in width

§  SEMILIFT M (mechanical):

ð  Canvas setter manually retracts

ð  Mechanically fed into the deck by hand

ð  Manual canvas setter infeed/outfeed

ð  For decks of up to 1,200 mm in width

§  SEMILIFT E (electric):

ð  Identical to the SEMILIFT M, but with an electric lifting motor


ð  Identical to the SEMILIFT E, but with electric infeed/outfeed


ð  Identical to the SEMILIFT PLUS, but with electric reversible belt for incremental infeed/outfeed


ð  For decks of up to 1800 mm in width




Unsere österreichische Vertretung Karner berichtet über das Projekt bei der Bäckerei Krenn.