Professional Loader for automated craft bakery

Loading and unloading deck ovens by hand, day in, day out, is back-breaking work. Using the SEMILIFT and LOADER PRO loading devices makes this work considerably lighter and easier. Place the dough pieces on the canvas setter, select the required deck, accurately position it in front of the deck, motor-supported loading/unloading and it's done.


The WACHTEL range of loading and unloading systems features four models, each with a varying level of automation. We know that your bakery is like no other. Our portfolio is diverse, so it can meet the individual needs of artisan operations and also help wholesale bakeries with automation.

The appropriate model for every requirement

SEMILIFT M - mechanical

Manual loading aid

Portal design

Fixed to the ground or bakery oven

Loads and unloads double or triple-width ovens

Single canvas setter width (can slide from side to side)


SEMILIFT E - electric


Semi-automatic loading aid

Design like SEMILIFT M

Additionally with electrical lifting motor

SEMILIFT PLUS - fully-automatic

Double or triple-width canvas setter

Loads and unloads double or triple-width ovens

Width of the canvas setter corresponds to the deck width

Loading/unloading the complete deck in one go

Electrical lifting/lowering as well as infeed and outfeed


The deck oven is the linchpin in every craft bakery. Nevertheless, the loading and unloading of the ovens is associated with hard physical work, which often takes up a lot of working time. To relieve the employees and for a smooth baking operation an automatic loading aid is recommended: The LOADER PRO is optimally suited for high and low feed heights.

Benefits at a glance

Automatic Reversible Belt for infeed and outfeed of bread rolls and pastries

7-inch touch screen control near operator on loader front

Light sensor for automatic baked goods outfeed

LEDs under loading tongue for perfect lighting

Special motors (frequency-controlled) for high performance

Anti-collision grid for lowering motions

Parking position above the highest deck for increased flexibility

Technical specifications

For stove widths [mm] 600/1200 600/1200 600/1200/1800 1200/1800/2000
For stove depths [mm] 1600 1600/2000 1600/2000 1600/2000
Raise and lower manual automatical automatical automatical
Load and unloading manual manual automatical automatical
Band movement manual manual manual automatical
LED lightning - - available available
Collision protection - - - available
Cross travel - - - available
Load capacity [kg] 20 60 60 120
Power (20 V, 50 Hz) [kW] - 3 3 3

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Transversely moveable LOADER PRO

Café Vogt in Poland now has a transversely movable LOADER PRO with a spiral slide.

New SEMILIFT for Die Brotpuristen

The Brotpuristen from Speyer (Germany) are totally happy with the SEMILIFT.