Premium bakery ovens for your bakery

Whether it forms part of a smart in-store baking concept or is used for production in artisan bakeries, the bakery oven is the fundamental component of any bakery. So the success of your business mainly boils down to the right choice of bakery oven. This appliance is primarily responsible for the quality of your baked goods and has a huge impact on the production processes in your bakery.

When buying a bakery oven for your bakery, your choice needs to be a good one. You can trust in WACHTEL as your experienced partner. We know the requirements of a modern bakery business like the back of our hand. We offer custom-made products and concepts for all uses. Set high standards in your bakery with a bakery oven from WACHTEL!

A bakery oven by WACHTEL – oven technology at its finest

When buying an oven for your bakery or pâtisserie, the first things to consider are the baking results you wish to achieve and how you want your new bakery oven to be used. A logical first step would be to pick the type of bakery oven you need. You will be spoiled for choice with WACHTEL: From in-store ovens to deck ovens and rack ovens right through to wood-fired ovens, we have the right product for every requirement. Most of our bakery ovens are available in various versions and can be upgraded with a number of accessories and added extras.

Although the oven is the beating heart of the bakery, all the other kitchen appliances need to function in harmony with it. So you need a supplier with the relevant expertise. WACHTEL has been shaping the industry with its high-quality oven technology since 1923. Decades of experience, attention to detail and precision have enabled us to design top-quality and highly safe products with a long shelf life. 

Our researchers are always toiling away to develop new and innovative technologies that are ahead of their time. As a service and systems supplier, we also offer our customers comprehensive advice based on customised solutions that focus on increasing the bakery’s efficiency. So all processes in the production line and in the shop can run smoothly.

The in-store oven – a flexible powerhouse in the bakery

If you want to place special emphasis on your baking skills, look no further than the in-store oven. As an added bonus, this oven enables you to be flexible and replenish fresh baked goods as and when needed. Your customers will love the smell of freshly baked bread and the sight of croissants straight out of the oven when they visit your bakery. The fact that they can see your baked goods being made shows them that your bakery is the place to be for fresh food and artisan masterpieces. An in-store oven allows you to slash the labour and transportation costs between the production line and the point of sale. You can optimise your production processes further by using our spectacular COOL RISING® and COOL RISING PLUS technologies. With its unique technological overall package, WACHTEL is one of the pioneers in in-store baking. With the PICCOLO PRO®, we have developed a successor to our PICCOLO in-store baking oven, of which the baking result is now even better and more even. WACHTEL is always working towards developing its ovens so that their user-friendliness and the top-quality baked goods that they produce shine through. These ovens feature simple and intuitive controls, so your sales assistants will find them easy to use.

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Be economical with rack ovens

A rack oven is the staple appliance of every artisan bakery. Bakers can use a rack trolley to load and unload baking trays easily in a baking cycle. So multiple baking trays can be stacked in a very small space, which guarantees cost-effectiveness and efficiency.

WACHTEL rack ovens are impressively versatile with sophisticated technology. In 2019 we presented our new product ATLAS for the first time. With his revolutionary features he is more than just a typical production oven. Our rack ovens come in classic oil- or gas-fired versions.

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The deck oven: an oven for quality-oriented bakeries

A deck oven boasts maximum baking capacity in a minimal installation space. This oven is particularly popular with artisan bakeries. The stacked baking chambers in WACHTEL ovens are also available with decks, or groups of decks, that can be controlled separately to ensure optimum flexibility when baking. The baked goods gain a typical hearth-like character in this static baking atmosphere.

WACHTEL also has a number of high-tech options for its deck ovens: Your oven can be fitted with the sensational W-TURBO function or be operated intuitively using a smart  IQ TOUCH control via a large colour screen.

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