Single width - singularly brilliant

Ideal as a backup oven or for the smaller bakery. The single-width INFRA AE equips the baker with up to six decks and baking chamber depths between 850 and 2000 mm with different deck heights - the ideal combination for everyday needs.

Behind the full cladding of high-quality stainless steel the INFRA AE draws on solid and future-oriented oven technologies, all constructed to the same high standard as in the other, larger models of the trusted INFRA range. So why not benefit from the decisive advantages of this energy-efficient, electrically powered INFRA deck oven and produce high-quality baking - cleanly, quietly and with maximum flexibility.

Masters of Variety for premium bakery products:

  • Bake with electricity and avoid the need for burners, circulator motors and their regular servicing, expensive flue gas stacks and costly emissions restrictions
  • Unique flat ceramic heating elements for gentle and sustained heat transfer, allowing even greater consistency and repeatability of high-quality baked goods
  • Each baking chamber acts as an independent oven: Top and bottom heat and steam injection can be controlled separately for each deck.
  • Energy-saving mode as standard: INFRA power locking offers a reduction in connected load of about one third - compared to many other systems on the market - without restriction of baking performance
  • Saturated steam at any time - without loss of temperature in the deck: the steam box is decoupled from the baking chamber and heated separately
  • Solid and safe: all-round stainless steel cladding, baking chamber welded and absolutely gas-tight
  • DMS 3 GLAS deck control: intelligent, robust and with touch display



  • ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology)
  • Stone oven arched fireclay chamber
  • Pullout deck
  • COMFORT loaders and unloaders

Technical data

AttributeUnitINFRA AE
No. of decks (max.) 6
Decksize (WxDxH)[mm]600 x 850-2000 x 165-250
Total baking surface[m²]7,2
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]1155 x 1155-2880 x 2345
Footprint (max.)[m²]3,3

Exclusive and only at WACHTEL