All good things come in threes (triple width)

With up to ten decks and deck depths up to 2400 mm, the triple-width INFRA EE offers a total baking surface of up to 43.2 m². This provides superb capacity and outstanding conditions for taking advantage of synergy effects obtained when combined with the professional full- or semi-automated loading technology of the COMFORT series. The electrically-heated INFRA deck ovens offer exceptional flexibility in providing the amount of baking area required. Each deck is individually thermostatically controlled. Baking plates in a 15-mm mineral composite material and high-quality flat ceramic heating elements as standard ensure high levels of heat retention, stable temperature behavior with minimal losses and the potential for differentiation through sales-boosting ‘stone oven bread’ and the effective advertising that this enables.

Masters of variety for top-notch bakery products:

  • Bake with electricity and avoid the need for burners, circulator motors and their regular servicing, expensive flue gas stacks and costly emissions restrictions
  • Unique flat ceramic heating elements for gentle and sustained heat transfer, allowing even greater consistency and repeatability of high-quality baked goods
  • Each baking chamber acts as an independent oven: Top and bottom heat and steam injection can be controlled separately for each deck.
  • Energy-saving mode as standard: INFRA power locking offers a reduction in connected load of about one third - compared to many other systems on the market - without restriction of baking performance
  • Saturation with steam at any time - without loss of temperature in the deck: the steam box is decoupled from the baking chamber and heated separately
  • Solid and safe: all-round stainless steel cladding, baking chamber welded and absolutely gas-tight
  • DMS 3 GLAS deck control: intelligent, robust and with touch display


  • ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology)
  • Stone oven arched fireclay chamber
  • Pullout decks
  • COMFORT loaders and unloaders

Technical Data

AttributeUnitINFRA EE
No. of decks (max.) 6
Decksize (WxDxH)[mm]1800 x 1600/2000 x 165-250
Total baking surface[m²]21,6
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]2400 x 2410-2880 x 2345
Footprint (max.)[m²]6,9

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