Deck ovens

Deck ovens bring top quality to your baking operation. Even heat guarantees baked goods distinctive in flavor and appearance. These ovens shine thanks to: precise controllable power consumption, convenient programmed control, uniform baked products by means of special ceramic panel radiators, low maintenance, durability and easy operation.



Deck ovens - Flexibility and Reliability for the quality-oriented baker

Deck ovens are valued particularly in classic, artisan bakery enterprises and offer the greatest possible baking capacity in the smallest space. Unlike convection-type ovens, heat transfer in deck ovens is by means of contact heat and radiation. Direct heat from the floor of the oven through the tray or tin to the dough is also referred to as  baking on the stone.

In this static baking atmosphere baked goods gain a typical hearth-like character that results in strong, crisp crusts and succulent crumb together with optimum crust crack. Deck ovens and the quality of the goods they produce are thus an ideal tool for breaking away from the competition to traditional baking found in supermarkets and gas stations.

A deck oven will meet all your requirements when it comes to economic efficiency and flexibility too. A number of separate baking chambers stacked one above the other allow maximum usage of the baking area and the optimum time saving. Wachtel also offers deck ovens with separately controlled deck groups. This allows different decks of the same oven to be loaded with different goods at the same time and gives you total flexibility in the amount of baking area available.

You can also switch individual deck groups off when they are not required. Thanks to the precise control unit you can regulate your energy consumption to an exact degree. To allow still greater flexibility, all our deck ovens can be adjusted from three sides. This means that you have free, unhindered access to all operating and service elements.

Premium baking with evolved technology from WACHTEL

We have been perfecting our oven technology, step by step, ever since 1923.  Our aim is to be a genuine partner to the craft baking industry and to fulfill all the demands of the bakery to perfection.

To this end we maintain consistent research and development and develop state-of-the-art, future-oriented, premium products that perfectly meet the increasing demands of our customers. The result is ultramodern bakery ovens that give you the edge over your competition at all times. For decades our ovens have impressed with their robustness, economy and innovative technology.

With our deck ovens you can experience this trusted WACHTEL technology in daily use. The Wachtel deck group management system we patented in 1974 gives you maximum flexibility in the amount of baking area you have available.

Deck oven INFRA - flexible, dependable and economical baking

The INFRA combines all the advantages of an electrically heated deck oven: economical on resources, clean and quiet, without expensive flue gas stacks or costly emissions restrictions. The INFRA’s intelligent power locking feature offers a reduction in connected load of about a third compared to many other systems on the market.

Its practical single-deck controller allows you to charge the decks with different goods at the same time. Each deck can therefore be controlled according to specific need and can be switched off individually. Top heat, bottom heat and steam injection can also be individually controlled for each section. Not only does this save time and energy; it gives you a complete flexibility.

You also have flexibility when it comes to the features of your deck oven: up to six decks with different heights and depths can be fitted into the Infra. For particularly consistent baking results the Infra uses a flat ceramic heating element that ensures exceptionally gentle temperature transitions.  Moreover, as with the Columbus, the deck floors of the Infra feature a special mineral composite that replicates a stone oven, enabling you to bake high-quality stone-oven bread. The INFRA deck oven is controlled using the innovative IQ TOUCH® control, leading the market with highest convenience and all relevant hightech features for your bakery.

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COLUMBUS - The giant in baking performance and flexibility

The COLUMBUS is particularly compact in construction and features maximum baking space on  minimum floorspace. The triple-width model offers you a total of 44 square meters over nine decks - all on a standard oven width of just 2220 mm. For ease of loading and unloading, these ovens work superbly in combination with our high-tech COMFORTt range of loading and unloading systems, available in fully automatic and semi-automatic versions.

The baking chambers of the Columbus are fabricated to a high standard in heat and corrosion-resistant steel to guarantee long service life and reliability. A specially developed mineral ‘stone’ composite with a high thermal storage capacity is fitted as standard, enabling you to bake real stone-oven bread.

Ample quantities of steam are available at any time thanks to a high-performance steam generator that is unconnected to the baking chamber. As for user-friendliness, the Columbus is at the head of the game. The intelligent IQ TOUCH® controller with its large color screen is particularly easy and intuitive to operate. Select from up to 1000 baking programs using just your fingertip. With the COLUMBUS deck oven you are opting for a classic deck oven that offers premium baking in a static atmosphere (no air movement).

Exceptionally uniform heat distribution and consistent baking results are assured with Wachtel’s trusted parallel radiator design. The COLUMBUS is available with oil or gas firing and offers economy, robustness and top-class results.

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