In our opinion the world's best electric bread oven

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In our opinion the world's best electric bread oven!

INFRA Electric baking ovens illustrate perfectly that you are one crucial step ahead with the right strategy. The particularly high degree of flexibility which results from baking with electricity is just one feature that has made the INFRA ovens into genuine grandmasters. Take advantage of the crucial benefits of the energy-efficient, electrically-heated INFRA deck ovens! Produce quality bakery products – cleanly, quietly and with maximum flexibility. The number of baking chambers corresponds to the maximum number of different bakery products that can be produced at the same time. Individual deck areas are energy-efficient as they can be switched on and off as needed. Thanks to the considerable capacity for temperature increase, the decks of the INFRA ovens are ready to bake as quickly as possible.

The AE for smaller bakeries
The single-width INFRA AE has up to six decks and baking chamber depths of 850-2000 mm for various oven heights and is the ideal equipment to support your daily operations.

The CE for real artisan craft – with double the width
The double-width INFRA CE offers between four and ten decks, deck depths of between 850 to 2400 mm and an overall baking surface of 4.1 to 28.8 m2 making it the ideal solution for the innovative artisan bakery – even where the processes are automated.

The EE – masters of variety for top-class bakery products
With up to ten decks and deck depths up to 2400 mm, the triple-width INFRA EE deck oven has a total baking surface of up to 43.2 m². This provides superb capacity and outstanding conditions for taking advantage of synergy effects when combined with the professional full or semi-automated loading technology of the COMFORT series.

Examples of your model selection of the INFRA deck oven

Equipment options for your INFRA

Technical specifications

    AE CE EE
Number of decks   4-5 4-5 4-5
Number of decks with COMFORT-loaders   max. 6 max. 6 max. 6
Deck dimensions [mm] W 600 1200 1800
  D (various depths possible) 800-2000 800-2000 1600-2000
  D (with COMFORT loaders)   2400 2400
  H 165 165 165
  H Pull-out deck 200 200 200
Total baking area [m²]   1,92-6 3,8-12 11,5-18
Oven dimensions [mm] W 1155 1750 2400
  D (various depths possible) 1590-2880 1590-2880 2410-2880
  T (with COMFORT loaders)   3280 3280
  H 2345 2345 2345
Heating method   Electricity Electricity Electricity

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