Fire and flame for the wood-fired oven

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Fire and flame for the wood-fired oven

Bread is both a tradition and a way of life. Bread is integral to human history and combines all the important resources and strengths of our earth such as fertile soil, sun, fresh air, rain and human commitment. Today wood-fired bread is experiencing its renaissance. It is what people imagine as the very archetype of bread and it is rebelling against anonymous, industrial bakery production.

BONFIRE – the traditional wood-fired oven for the modern artisan bakery

The wood-fired oven from the “good old days” has been catapulted into the 21st century and with all its developments and advantages it has been truly revolutionised. This has enabled us to develop a wood-fired oven that meets the modern demands of a modern bakery yet perfectly implements the principles of German artisan bakeries. Natural wood pellets are used as the heating material. The deck is directly fired meaning it is heated by a fire burning inside of the baking chamber. Any ash is simply swept away. Products are baked directly on an original firebrick at decreasing temperatures.

And how does a wood-fired oven bake bread?

The perfect heat transfer in the wood-fired oven is created by real firebricks, customised to the BONFIRE. And this is the heart of this important baking process that can only be achieved with the ideal wood-fired oven firing method, named direct firing. The heat emitted via the firebrick is particularly soft, uniform and long-lasting, creating thoroughly uniform bakery products with a hearty, fiery flavour.

Every bakery operation is different and requires customised baking technology. So we can meet all capacity requirements and demands we offer the BONFIRE wood-fired ovens in different sizes. For anyone wanting the ultimate in nostalgia, we suggest BONFIRE CLASSIC. This wood-fired oven with its sophisticated, black casing has classic, manual door systems and gold-plated design elements (23.5 ct.). This makes BONFIRE CLASSIC ideal for show-baking in outlets exuding charm.

Your advantages of the wood-fired oven BONFIRE

Almost residue-free burning of the pellets

High-tech oven control system with SMART START baking standby function, baking program management and intelligent self-analysis software

Automatic firing at the push of a button or by programm

Baking on an original firestone with a perfect surface temperature

Control the temperature, steam and baking time for each deck

Tunnel burners with self-cleaning technology and a powerful cooling system

Natural wood pellets: ecological, sustainable, affordable, CO2 neutral, high efficiency level

Perfect combination: COMFORT loading and unloading systems for fully automatic production

Technical specifications

    CLASSIC 2.12.2 3.12.2 3.18.2
Number of decks   2 3 3
Deck dimensions [mm] (W/D/H) 1200x2000x230 1200x2000x230 1800x2000x230
Total baking area [m²] 4,8 7,2 10,8
Oven footprint (W/D/H) 2100x3380x3205 2100x3380x3360 2700x3380x3360
Weight of oven [kg] 6900 9000 12500
Heating capacity (max.) [kW] 90 135 210
Connected load (electrical) [kW] 5 5 5
Door operation   manual electric electric
Oven cladding   black stainless steel stainless steel

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