In-store baking ovens

Baking in front of the consumer delivers a visible and fragrant proof ofoven freshness which is an ultimate characteristic of quality. As supplier of the complete range, we offer professional technical solutions for all processes and production steps and various well-developed and field-tested technologies.

Encased in stainless steel the PICCOLO is the jewel in every in-store bakery or baking operation and guarantees state-of-the-art technology for efficient baking. The clever modular system makes you self-sufficient: Decks can be added whenever needed – in such a way as it suits your requirements and budget.

Baking In-Store: More Important than Ever!

A well-planned in-store baking concept is a decisive factor for the success of any bakery or branch. By being able to see the production process, customers perceive this as proof of oven-freshnessquality and honest baking craftsmanship. Since baked goods are now available not only in bakery stores but also at gas stations and discount stores, experienced-based shopping and distinction by means if outstanding product quality - are becoming increasingly important factors in the bakery.

To ensure that customers see and smell this difference at once, there is an increasing tendency towards baking on-site in the bakery store itself. In this scenario the in-store oven thus plays a particularly important role: it provides a unique profile and position for your bakery outlet and enables it to stand out from the competition. The special bakery atmosphere and the fresh baking scents all contribute to drawing customers into your store and building long-term customer loyalty.

Apart from the importance of this for marketing, an in-store oven offers many other benefits. You can adjust your supply of baked goods individually to suit the specific level of demand each day. This means the freshness and quality of the goods are guaranteed throughout the whole of the day. Using an in-store oven also significantly reduces transport outlay between a central bakery and outlets.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive operation an in-store oven can also be operated by sales personnel without problems. This is particularly practical, making the oven straightforward to operate even during busy sales hours. So why not turn your passing trade into regular customers - lay the foundations of success for your bakery outlet with an in-store oven customized to your specific needs.

WACHTEL sets standards for in-store baking

When it comes to in-store baking, you should only trust absolute experts. At WACHTEL we know the pressures faced by bakers and the bakery trade very well. Since 1923 we have stood for solid, modern oven technology and have constantly striven to develop and improve our products through  rigorous research and development.  This is where many years of experience meets the latest technology.

Our ideas make waves - we are setting standards all across the industry. As a pioneer our PICCOLO in-store oven has conquered the in-store baking sector and serves as a model for many subsequent ovens and our in-store ovens continue to offer many unique plus points today. Our innovative developments are always on the pulse and guarantee you energy-efficient production of you established bakery goods at premium quality.

So opt for reliable technology which is ‘Made in Germany’ for your in-store oven - one that will satisfy all the requirements of contemporary bakery production. 

In-Store Baking for All Requirements

For your individual in-store baking concept we can offer you exactly the oven that meets the requirements of your business. As a system provider with consulting competence across the board we tailor complete solutions for you that combine all the processes of artisan baking with those of the store, entirely seamlessly.

Thus, our ovens are ideally set up for the many different requirements of bakery operation. Select your in-store oven from three different models. You can opt for an in-store oven from the  PICCOLO range, the MINI COMET PLUS  or the  THERMICO PLUS.

Each of these models stands out for their  unique advantages. For maximum flexibility, our models are also available in various versions and with extendable optional extras. This means you can be certain that your new in-store oven is perfectly matched to your individual requirements. 

The PICCOLO in-store oven - Number 1 for premium in-store baking

By selecting a PICCOLO series oven you are choosing a proven classic and at the same time a pioneer in the in-store baking sector. PICCOLO series ovens have an intelligent deck control system with a robust touch display and hygienic glass panel that combines Wachtel’s innovative oven technology with perfect simplicity of use.

On top of this you profit from intelligent energy-saving functions and maximum convenience of use. Each deck is separately controlled and features a high-performance steam compartment that is isolated from the baking chamber. This enables you to produce a wide variety of products simultaneously - to a high quality standard. The modularversatile construction means that you can extend the baking space at a later time and can add extra decks at any time. Available in longitudinal, transverse and push-through versions, single, double or triple width, the PICCOLO offers a wide range of options for equipping your in-store oven to your individual specification. 

To the PICCOLO in-store oven

The MINI COMET PLUS in-store oven: where everything revolves around quality

The MINI COMET PLUS in-store oven is a circulation oven with rotating tray infeed. Perfect energy utilization and airflow ensure outstanding quality of baked goods and a high level of repeatability. As a result, your goods are baked evenly all over and have a crispy crust and distinct texture.

Thanks to a powerful, separately heated steam generator, steam can be injected into the process at any time and without loss of temperature. A water meter provides  precise steam dosage and maximizes water and energy efficiency.

Meanwhile the Shopmatic Touch computer controller offers ease of use and a practical range of functions. The Mini Comet in-store oven is a real looker too: in stainless steel throughout and complete with a large glass door, this showpiece draws a lot of attention!


To the MINI COMET PLUS in-store oven

THERMICO PLUS: Top baking and snack quality from our energy-saving convection oven

We have created a true multi-talent in the form of our new THERMICO PLUSRefrigerated and frozen dough pieces are transformed into shiny croissants or delicious rolls with crunchy crusts.

The THERMICO PLUS allows you to add up to 3.1 m² baking space to your outlet in the smallest of spaces. You can of course also use this innovative convection oven for the growing snack business to heat up and cook numerous dishes fast.


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