Unique convection oven with rotating rack for in-store-baking

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Unique "made in Germany" convection oven with rotating rack for in-store-baking

A rotating rack oven is standard equipment in a bakery and we also provide this for outlets in order to meet the highest quality requirements.

MINI COMET PLUS offers exactly the same baking quality in the bakery as its big brothers and it performs outstandingly well. The rotating baking tray carousel creates action, making the oven a real eye-catcher. The large glass door ensures a constant and unobstructed view of the heart of the matter – freshness and quality, baked with traditional craftsmanship.

Equally high quality from both bakery and outlets alike

Products baked in rack ovens acquire particular bakery characteristics. Offer your customers the same product quality throughout the day, regardless of whether the baked goods come directly from the bakery or were baked on-site! The wide range of baked goods are circulated consistently with hot air from all sides with optimum energy utilisation and a sophisticated air flow. The homogeneous and soft heat impact is created by the rotating racks. This creates reproducible quality on all 10 trays across the entire range of bakery products. The perfect air speeds ensure the bakery products dry out less and retain more freshness.

For “additional” ease of use the QUICK LOADER, the loader developed in-house specifically for MINI COMET PLUS enables very easy and loading and unloading in seconds.

Advantages of your "moving" MINI COMET PLUS

Rotating baking tray carousel:
Eye-catcher and crowd-puller, increased customer­attention

Soft, uniform heat:
Less drying-out, more freshness, high degree of bakery consistency

A MINI for maximum baking quality:
Outstanding bakery results just like with "the big players" in the bakery

High-performance steaming system:
More shine on all bakery products
batch after batch

IQ TOUCH Intuitively usable control

and unloading assistance

Technical specifications

Number of trays   10
Baking tray dimensions [mm]   400 x 600
Layer distance [mm]   83
External dimensions of baking chambers [mm] W 973
  D 1240
  H 1255
Height baking oven front [mm]   2215
Height baking oven [mm]   2557
Black stainless steel front   Optional
Heating type   Electricity

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95 % Customer- satisfaction

* based on an internal customer survey of 211 German-speaking customers from January 2018 to April 2020

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