The "rotating" convection baking oven!

The miniature version of a rack oven, designed especially for use in the shop, is in no way inferior to its bigger relatives. With its rotating rack, the oven does not only generate a lot of attention and is a major attraction, but also optimates the baking process. With ideal energy utilisation and low air speeds as well as a well thought out airflow, the products are exposed to a steady stream of hot air all-round. This accounts for an even baking result for various products on all ten tray supports. Another advantage of the rotating rack is the lower air speeds with lead to less drying out of the baked goods and therefore better freshness.

The matching WACHTEL QUICK LOADER makes loading and unloading the oven easy, quick and comfortable.



Benefits of the MINI COMET PLUS in-store oven

Technical Data

Number of baking trays 10
Size of baking trays [mm] 400 x 600
Max. distance between layers [mm] 83
Oven dimensions [mm]W973
Oven front height [mm] 2217
Oven height [mm] 2557
Black stainless steel front Optional
Heating type Electricity

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