The leader among in-store ovens

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PICCOLO: Pioneer in in-store baking

The leader among in-store ovens

These days, in-store baking has become more important than ever before. Freshness, quality and a wide variety of baked goods throughout the day, are the self-evident proof of genuine baking competence. With PICCOLO we are offering quality-conscious bakers a high-quality in-store oven which makes no compromises in meeting the constantly increasing requirements and wishes of a demanding market.

The state-of-the-art IQ TOUCH control makes PICCOLO very easy to use. The smart energy-saving functions generate significant energy savings. Would you like a specific PICCOLO model? PICCOLO CLASSIC impresses with its black stainless steel front, genuine analog controls, pane veneers in a stone oven finish and golden design elements (23.5 ct.). This all gives your PICCOLO in-store oven an attractive classic look which exudes nostalgic charm in your outlet.

In everything we do as one of the leading international bakery oven manufacturers, when it comes to inventiveness and innovation, our focus is always on a high level of baking quality, energy efficiency and solid bakery oven technology. PICCOLO is viewed as “the” in-store oven that conveys both tradition and artisan expertise to consumers. As a bakery oven manufacturer we have been supplying excellent in-store ovens “Made in Germany” since 1923.

Your matching PICCOLO in-store oven model


silver | black


silver | black


silver | black


silver | black


silver | black

Special equipment for your PICCOLO


Golden analog control
(23.5 kt coating)


Simulated fire on the baking chamber wall, IQ TOUCH


Simulated fire on the baking chamber wall, golden analog control


Stove doors on the front and back, for pushing through baking trays

Advantages of your PICCOLO in-store oven

Baking with electricity: resource-friendly, clean and quiet

IQ-TOUCH: Controller for each deck

WACHTEL REMOTE-access tool

15 mm stone baking plate with optimum heat storage capacity

Modular design for customised oven configurations

Take out a maintenance contract with WACHTEL and secure a warranty

Ceramic heating rods for gentle, sustainable heat dissipation

Separately heated high-performance steam box for powerful bursts of steam

Panes are easy to remove, without any tools, in a matter of seconds

Proofing cabinet with electronic control of temperature and humidity

Technical specifications

Number of decks 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5
Deck dimensions [mm]          
Width 600 600 800 1200 1200
Depth 400 800 600 600 800
Height - - 140/165/200 - -
Number of baking trays per deck          
400x600 1 2 2 3 4
580x780 - 1 1 - 2
600x800 - 1 1 - 2
Total baking surface area (2-5 decks) [m²] 0,48-1,2 0,96-2,4 0,96-2,4 1,44-3,6 1,92-4,8
Oven width [mm]          
PREMIUM & CLASSIC 973 973 1173 1573 1573
Pass-through decks - 1023 - - -
FIRE decks - - 1213 - -
Oven depth [mm] -        
PREMIUM & CLASSIC 865 1240 1050 1050 1240
Pass-through decks - 1230 - - -
FIRE decks - - 1282 - -
Heating type Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity Electricity

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