Ensuring a high level of identification with traditional baking.

In-store baking has never been so important! Freshness, quality and a wide assortment of baked goods – throughout the day – are the manifest and aromatic demonstration of real baking skills. With the PICCOLO, you own a high quality in-store oven that makes no compromises in meeting the steadily increasing requirements and desires of the demanding market. In everything we – as a leading, internationally operating bakery technology company – do in terms of inventiveness and innovation, our top priority is always ensuring exceptional baking quality, energy efficiency and solid, durable oven technology. That is why PICCOLO is considered as the in-store oven that shows consumers what tradition and craftsmanship is all about as well as being the best decision for ensuring long and reliable, professional production in times of increasingly intensive demands on everyday baking.

The aim was to effectively combine the consumer-oriented production of baked goods with the key production phases in the bakery, due to rising energy and labor costs. As a complete supplier, we develop innovative bakery refrigeration systems such as the COOL RISING PLUS long dough fermentation technology for our customers, resulting in optimized production processes from the bakery to the store counter.