Small, but wow!

Although it does great things, it continues to be the “little one” alongside its bigger brothers in the PICCOLO family. In the single-width MINI PICCOLO, outstanding baking results are achieved on one baking tray (400 x 600 mm) per deck. Thanks to its modular design, the PICCOLO can be freely configured and perfectly adapted to your needs and budget. Baking surfaces can be easily expanded and decks added to the oven at any time. The future-oriented modular system guarantees lasting flexibility, independence and progress. Your customized PICCOLO is thus already well prepared for your future growth. 

Professionalism down to the last detail is a promise of technological and functional safety.

  • A robust gem in every chain store: complete stainless steel external paneling, absolutely vapor-tight welded baking chambers, without screws or wear-prone seals
  • Future-oriented baking system with smart modular design: freely selectable oven configuration, up to 8 decks, single or double chamber, various deck heights (140 – 200 mm), subsequent baking surface expansions possible by simply adding decks
  • Separate control of upper and lower heat and steam generators, allowing perfect baking of various baked goods at the same time
  • Saturated wet steam for brilliant gloss on baked goods: high-performance steam generator detached from the baking chamber, separate heating – no temperature losses in the deck
  • Baking on the 15 mm thick mineral stone deck plate: high thermal mass, stable temperature characteristics, favorable baking conditions comparable to those in a traditional stone oven
  • Glass pane change in the blink of an eye: safe fixing of deck panes by “mere” gravity, as simple as it is ingenious, i.e. tool-less removal in seconds by means of a tilting movement without the hassle of screws
  • 3-year factory warranty for all PICCOLO models. Annual oven maintenance by our qualified service technicians is required.

Impressive energy savings:

  • Clever current locking: connected load reduction of around one third with guaranteed best baking characteristics
  • “Standby eco-function”: temporary oven shutdown when oven is not in use, based on individually definable “recovery time”
  • “Ready-for-baking clock”: setting the effective “ready-for-baking time”; night startup belongs to the past
  • Automatic volume and occupancy detection: targeted control of baking program parameters, optimum adjustment of resources to changing capacities


  • High-quality flat ceramic heating elements: gentle temperature changes with higher heat transfer, optimum oven operation, enhanced regularity and reproducibility of baked goods
  • Smart control: robust glass control, touch function, ease of operation, intelligent process control and hygienic cleaning
  • Functional and visual enhancement through high version diversity


  • Mechanical steam distributors
  • Steam condenser
  • Proofing cabinet
  • Subframe
  • 7-day clock
  • Intermediate panel
  • Spacer with tray supports

Technical data

No. of decks (max.) 6
Decksize (WxDxH)[mm]600 x 400 x 140/165/200
No. of trays/deck 1
Baking surface/deck[m²]0,24
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]973 x 865 x acc. to configuration

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