Design variations

Baking surface size

The PICCOLO is a true master of adaptation. There are four different deck sizes – the MINI PICCOLO for one tray (600x400[mm]) per deck, the PICCOLO I for two trays (600x400[mm]), either behind or beside each other, and the PICCOLO II for two or three trays (600x400[mm]), either behind or beside each other. The baking surfaces thus range from 0.24 m² to 1.44 m² per deck. You can also select different deck heights from 140 mm to 200 mm and remain flexible over the long term, thanks to the clever modular system: You can increase the number of decks at any time, even after purchase. 

The version diversity of the PICCOLO series also includes a wide range of appealing oven designs and sophisticated oven technology. You can take advantage of numerous functional and visual enhancement options. We will help you configure your very own PICCOLO in-store baking oven.



  • High-quality flat ceramic heating elements: gentle temperature changes with higher heat transfer, optimum oven operation, enhanced regularity and reproducibility of baked goods
  • Smart control: robust glass control, touch function, ease of operation, intelligent process control and hygienic cleaning

High version diversity for functional and visual enhancement: 

  • Black galvanized stainless steel front
  • FIRE
  • ICT (Infrared Ceramic Technology)
  • Pass-through version



In addition to the base model in the classic brushed stainless steel look, your PICCOLO also comes with an elegant black galvanized oven front with matching black design elements.


Baking in a nostalgic black PICCOLO PREMIUM CLASSIC is the ideal way to emphasize your traditional craftsmanship and expertise. The CLASSIC design radiates with its gold-plated analog thermostats and baking time clocks. The black deck door veneer in the stone oven look also conjures up a unique feel-good atmosphere in every chain store.


The PICCOLO PREMIUM FIRE delivers the ultimate in artisanal atmosphere. Due to its deceptively realistic simulated roaring fire in the baking chamber it is for good reason considered a real eye-catcher by innovative in-store bakers.

Technical data

No. of decks (max.) 686
Decksize (WxDxH)[mm]600 x 400 x 140/165/200600 x 800 x 140/165/2001200 x 800 x 140/165/200
No. of trays/deck (max.) 1up to 2up to 4
Baking surface/deck[m²]0,240,480,96
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH)[mm]973 x 865 x acc. to configuration973 x 1240 x acc. to configuration1573 x 1240 x acc. to configuration