The premium convection oven for baking in the smallest space

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The premium convection oven for baking in the smallest space

With our THERMICO PLUS convection in-store oven you can easily transform refrigerated and deep-frozen dough pieces into soft, delicate croissants or fluffy bread rolls with a shiny, crispy crust.

  • THERMICO PLUS combines 2 steam systems – a centrifugal water injection system and a high-performance steam generator – in one oven. This innovative dual steam system enables targeted steaming and precise bake-specific adjustments. The high-performance steam generator delivers powerful steaming for a brilliant bakery shine batch-upon-batch without any temperature loss in the deck. The centrifugal injection system inside the baking chamber creates excellent conditions for thawing and baking deep-frozen dough pieces. The sophisticated combination of convection and steam in pre-programmed cooking programs is able to bake a wide variety of meals making it the perfect support tool for your lunch business.
  • The CLEAN WASH Self-Cleaning System offers further added-value.The automatic high-pressure cleaning system ensures reliable and sparkling cleanliness together with the lowest consumption of water and energy.

The state-of-the-art IQ AIR control with touch display and multi-functional control knob is supplied as standard. The user interface is intuitive to use and can be adapted to the customer and outlet. The smart fan control with 10 convection speeds creates the optimum conditions for even baking across the entire range with minimised energy consumption.

Our convection in-store oven allows you to add up to 3.1 m² baking space to your outlet in the smallest of spaces and with ergonomic loading heights. The modular structure of THERMICO PLUS product series ensures we can meet your very specific requirements. We offer 3 different baking chamber formats. For example, if you are baking on 5, 8 or 10 baking trays you can combine the decks together. Also available to you as an additional module is the PICCOLO deck oven and the matching glass proofing cabinet, base frame and intermediate section.

Your suitable THERMICO PLUS in-store oven model

The THERMICO PLUS is individually configurable. Here you can see a selection of popular models.

Your advantages of the THERMICO PLUS

CLEAN WASH self-cleaning-system:
Spotless hygiene

Controlled fresh air speed

Hinged internal plane:
Tool-free cleaning

10 fan speeds:
Flexible baking

Convection air + radiant heat

Night start function:

Indirect airflow:
Even proving

High-performance steam box:
Lush steam "batch-upon-batch"

Centrifugal water injection system:
Resource-saving steam

Program-controlled cooling:
Fast product change

Fan quick-stop function when door is opened:
Minimum temperature loss

15 mm stone plate

Anti-fog glass doors:
Clear view of the dough pieces

Energy-efficient LED lighting:
Economic, uniform lighting

Premium in-store-baking with the THERMICO PLUS

Stepless regulation of the heating rod output


REFRESH tool: Program-controlled fresh air supply

Cooling system: Fast product changes


Energy efficient heating


Innovative dual steam system

10 fan speeds


More crisp


IQ AIR control system


Hinged internal plane: Tool-free cleaning


CLEAN WASH  self-cleaning-system

Technical specifications

    5/8/10 5+5/5+8 COMBI 5/8
Number of convection baking chambers   1 2 1
Baking tray dimensions [mm]   400 x 600 400 x 600 400 x 600
Number of trays   5/8/10 10/13 5/8
Distance between trays [mm]   90/90/85 90 90
External dimensions of convection chambers [mm] W 980 980 980
  D 825 825 825
  H 751/1021/1150 1502/1772 751/1021
Number of decks MINI PICCOLO       1; 2/1
Deck dimensions MINI PICCOLO [mm] B     600
  T     400
  H     165; 200 / 165; 200
Weight of baking chamber [kg]   156/193/225 312/349 Depending on configuration
Total baking area [m²]   1,20/1,92/2,40 2,40/3,10 1,44;1,68 / 2,16

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