Premium all-rounder that shines in the smallest of spaces

We have created a true multi-talent in the form of our new THERMICO PLUS: Refrigerated and frozen dough pieces are transformed into shiny croissants or delicious rolls with crunchy crusts.

Top baking and snack quality from our energy-saving convection oven

The THERMICO PLUS allows you to add up to 3.1 m² baking space to your outlet in the smallest of spaces. You can of course also use this innovative convection oven for the growing snack business to heat up and cook numerous dishes fast.

How is that possible?

1. Innovative dual steam system

Combining two different steam generators allows for precise steam metering for the bakery product concerned, interval steaming for baking, and cooking and steaming which preserves the flavours. The permanent supply of continuous pulsed steam creates excellent conditions for baking frozen products. The sophisticated combination of convection and steam in fully automatic proofing sequences provides for high quality food and a diversity of products.

2. Smart fan control

10 convection speeds as standard: The quick-stop function and rotary direction reversal create the optimal conditions for even baking results with low energy consumption.

3. CLEAN WASH self-cleaning system

The automatic high-pressure cleaning system provides for sparkling cleanliness with minimum water consumption, greatest operating convenience, and excellent efficiency. The THERMICO PLUS baking chambers (5 and 8 trays) can be combined individually and also extended by PICCOLO deck ovens, a proofing chamber, or base frame (see table below).

A multi-talent with smart touch control

Our new THERMICO PLUS features a modern IQ AIR control system with multi-functional control knob as standard. Your branch staff therefore have the choice of using either the touch function of the capacitive LCD glass display or the user-friendly rotary knob. The user interface is handled intuitively and can therefore be adapted to the customer and branch at any time. The large icons, pictograms and photos are exceptionally sharp with brilliant colours, which means they are easy to see even in direct light and sunlight. This sophisticated control system makes shop baking easy and user friendly: The display is located right next to the respective baking chamber so that everyone, regardless of height, can work efficiently and properly.

Premium In-Store Baking

  • Innovative dual steam system
  • Centrifugal water injection system
  • Energy efficient heating
  • Cooling system
  • IQ AIR
  • REFRESH tool

Technical Specifications

Number of convection baking chambers--112211
Number of layers (400 x 600 mm)--5810136-79
Layer distance [mm]909090909090
Number of deck ovens (COMBI)----------1-21
Height of deck ovens (COMBI)[mm]--------165/200165/200
Baking tray dimensions[mm]600x400
Overall baking area[m²]1,201,922,403,101,44-1,682,16