The master of all classes

Say hello to ATLAS - our newst family member and the biggest novelty on the rack oven market. With its revolutionary technical features it is much more than a traditional production oven and delivers Top-baking quality thanks to the AUTOPILOT AIR PRESSURE, high-tech functionality through the IQ TOUCH control systems, REMOTE access and huge energy savings through the ECO MULTI STEAM SYSTEM steam recovery system (20% less energy loss) and triple thermal insulation glazing. With its energy saving functions, exclusively designed by WACHTEL, and its highest-quality materials, it is the perfect oven for smart artisan bakers.The newly styled, modular design of the ATLAS means it can be assembled and commissioned within one single day. Performing maintenance and servicing is equally time-efficient.


Your advantages of an ATLAS rack oven

Eco Multi Steam
Steam recycling, multiple use of vapour, preservation of resources

Multi-stage burner
Flexible baking output, better baking results, energy and cost savings

Autopilot Air Pressure
Stable pressure conditions, consistently high, reproducible baking quality

Adjustable convection air speed
Product-specific baking atmosphere, baking of wide ranges

Energy Manager
Energy and water cost information, oven capacity optimisation

Triple thermal insulation­glazing
Glass rear ventilation, minimised heat losses, energy and cost savings

Ergonomic door design
Smooth opening door, door stop, stainless steel designer door handle, easy opening and locking

LED technology – inside and outside
Even lighting scheme in the baking chamber and for the work area in front of the oven

Magnetic mount for baking knives and gloves

Low connected load
Heating optimisation, high efficiency level, reduced power peaks

Hygiene without edges and corners
Easy-care baking chamber, few screws, hinged panels, reduced power peaks

Top baking quality

AUTOPILOT AIR PRESSURE: Automatic pressure control for weather-resistant baking quality

ECO MULTI STEAM: Patented steam recovery system

Adjustable convection air speed


Ergonomic easy-open door with door stop and hinged panes

W-MAGNETIC: Magnetic glove and knife mount

ENERGY MANAGER: Energy and water cost display, capacity optimisation

IQ TOUCH with REMOTE-access


Low connection value: Reduced power peaks

Precise output metering: Oil/gas multi-stage burner or electric heating elements

Strong baking output, heating register with a huge efficiency level of 93%

Triple thermal insulation glazing

Possibility of financial benefits through subsidies

Our patented steam recovery system

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Model:0,8 0,8 XL0,8 XL 21,0 1,0 XL1,0 XL 21,1 1,1 XL
Size of baking trays [cm]60 x 8060 x 8060 x 8060 x 10060 x 10060 x 10070 x 11070 x 110
Oven footprint [m²]2,482,484,953,003,005,413,723,72
Oven weight [kg]18001900280020002100310022002300
Ovendimensions [mm]

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