Baking quality and energy efficiency with an impact!

The COMET ICT is equal to a deck oven, combining all the benefits of the latest rack oven technology

Energy-efficient technology, extraordinary baking performance and a long, reliable service life are what rack bakery ovens from WACHTEL stand for. We are able to draw on decades of experience and rely on quality and functionality. Our rack bakery ovens with the attribute "Made in Germany" have already been able to win over many excellent bakers for the long term throughout the world.

The COMET ICT is based on our tried and tested electrically heated rack oven COMET its proved oven technology being optimised by using the baking chamber walls as oversized radiators in the case of the COMET ICT. Aditionally, the insides of the bakery chambers have been provided with a ceramic coating (ICT), which emits infra-red thermal radiation that is ideal for baked goods providing the best from two bakery worlds: convenction and radiation heat.

The benefits are perfectly obvious: an exceptional high baking qualit and diversity. Biscuits as well as large loaves of bread are both produced batch-by-batch economically at a premium level, saving resources.

The full details for premium quality:

  • Resource-saving, clean and quiet: baking with electricity
  • Equal to an deck oven: baking chamber walls as an oversized heat radiator
  • 11 % more baking surface: oven racks with 20 layers (84 mm distance)
  • Up to 10 % more baking volume
  • Infrared Ceramic Technology (ICT): The desired core temperature is reached faster
  • High resolution 9'' IQ TOUCH control: Graphic display with safety glass
  • Up to 30 % less baking loss
  • Saturated high performance steam: brillant crusts batch-by-batch
  • Wide range of oven racks: third-party brands can also be used


  • WIN SERVER software
  • rack lift

Technical data

AttributeCOMET ICT
Number of racks1
Number of layers (max.):20
Space between layers (min.) [mm]84
Baking tray dimensions [mm]400 x 600, 580 x 780, 600 x 800
Total baking surface (20 layers, 84 mm distance between) [m²]9,6
Exterior dimensions (W x D x H) foundation, inkl. motor [mm]1680 x 1580 x 2640
Footprint [m²]2,7

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