Classic baking - firing with oil or gas

Our engineers are - justifiably - proud of their crossflow blower, made by WACHTEL.

The generously-dimensioned fan drum of this innovative heating gas circulator extends across the entire width of the transport rack. It allows an absolutely uniform distribution of air together with maximum energy utilization. The minimized airflow speed is thanks to the low speed of the circulator. You can thus look forward to a high quality of baking that is quite clearly ahead in terms of succulence, shelf life and aroma.

A successful ‘long-burner’:

  • Solid, robust and safe: a welded baking chamber that is clad throughout in stainless steel, has an 8 mm-thick stainless steel base plate and is absolutely gas-tight
  • Special tubular heat exchanger in heat-resistant stainless steel for energy-efficient and problem-free production
  • Unique crossflow blower for outstanding evenness of baking and repeatability - without the risk of the goods drying out
  • Brilliant crusts thanks to the high-performance cascade steam injector with large-dimensioned evaporator surface
  • Ovens can be built in from three sides, enabling fast, unhindered access to the oven controls (from in front, above or inside)
  • Accepts a variety of transport racks: The 2000 mm-high baking chamber offers sufficient space for all rack sizes and types and allows you to bake - on an extra 1 m² - up to 11% more goods on the same oven floor space compared to other rack ovens!


  • IQ TOUCH control
  • WIN SERVER software
  • rack lift
  • flowmeter

Technical data

Number of layers (max.)162020
Total baking area [m²]7,79,612
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]1580 x 1580 x 21901580 x 1580 x 25001780 x 1780 x 2500
Footprint [m²]2,52,53,2
Ovenweight [kg]approx. 1700approx. 1700approx. 2000