Equal to a Deck Oven

The R-EVOLUTION combines traditional baking with efficient oven use and offers potential energy savings of up to 30 % over conventional rack ovens.

This oven excels as a flexible all-rounder capable of producing a wide palette of high-quality products. Its unique combination of thermal convection and an increased level of infra-red radiation (achieved by using a special functional ceramic) lets you produce pastry goods and large loaves of unmatched quality. The accelerated, while at the same time gentler, heat transfer provides baking characteristics that are unique in the baking trade. Time after time your products will feature more succulent crumb, optimum volume, a delicate crustiness, marked slits, vivid crust browning and a longer shelf life - guaranteeing you improved taste and aroma. Thanks to the uniquely large heat transfer surface with its immense thermal radiation capacity the R-EVOLUTION offers a thermal efficiency of over 90 %.

The full details for the best quality:

  • Unique, patented surface heat exchanger with 5-year warranty*
  • High heat-storage mass for temperature stability and minimum temperature losses after loading·
  • Optimized airflow with an improved circulation system and a high-efficiency radial fan to ensure evenness of baking - without the danger of the goods being dried out
  • High-capacity cascaded steam injector linked to the hot flue gas duct, so enabling energy-efficient, generous steam injection
  • Quick-start vertical burner without pre-flush allows the required baking temperature to be reached quickly
  • IQ TOUCH controller as standard
  • Flow meter


  • WIN SERVER Software
  • Rack oven lift

Technical Data

Number of racks11
Number of layers (max.)2020
Total baking area (84mm space between layers) [m²]9,612
Exterior dimensions (WxDxH) [mm]1580 x 1640 x 27751780 x 1880 x 2775
Footprint [m²]2,63,3
Ovenweight [kg]approx. 2000approx. 2300

Exklusive and only at WACHTEL