Wood-fired oven in the bakery

Make the most of this high potential provided by the wood-fired oven BONFIRE – perceptible tradition: hearty, full-bodied taste, balanced, delicate rust note, moist crumb with smoky flavour, crispy and substantial crust, outstanding freshness and rustic, vivid crust structure.

In traditional style, the BONFIRE bakes your bread right on the original firebrick using natural wood pellets. State-of-the-art oven technology oven will help you bake much better tasting bread. It radiates uniqueness and is every bit as good as the traditional wood-fired ovens of by-gone days. The entire range of baked goods will benefit from the baker's enhanced artisan baking skills, thanks to the BONFIRE.

Wood-fired oven BONFIRE – the future of wood-fired ovens for bakeries

Bread is more than just a staple food. There is hardly another food that is such an integral part of human history. Bread is myth, tradition and way of life. Bread from wood-fired ovens is what people imagine as the very archetype of bread, conveying authenticity and stability as well as becoming increasingly popular.

Today bread from wood-fired ovens in particular is experiencing a renaissance and is rebelling against anonymous, industrial bakery production. Discerning consumers are interested in the story behind the product, while looking for originality and naturalness– something special and unique.

Bread baked in the BONFIRE deliciously caters to these customer needs. Connoisseurs appreciate the full-bodied roasting ingredients as well as its savory taste and unmistakable aroma. Gourmets and dyed-in-the-wool bakers agree: This is the only way to bake “genuine” bread! Take advantage of the great opportunity that the BONFIRE wood-fired oven offers you!

Baking with a wood-fired oven – a garantor for traditional quality

The wood-fired oven from the "good old days" has been catapulted into the 21st century with all its developments and advantages and truly revolutionized. We have developed a wood-fired oven that is fully versed in the beliefs and principles of the German bakery trade and meets the modern demands of an artisan bakery.

The excellent environmental performance of the BONFIRE also scores points. Its pellet-driven firing technology provides an enormous savings potential and extremely low emissions. The traditional firebrick, specially adapted to the oven, eliminates the need for a circulation fan during heating and baking.

The overall efficiency of this wood-fired oven has been significantly enhanced compared to the classic deck oven, thanks to its use of the latest technology and modern design.

The BONFIRE can even be equipped for multi-shift operation. In this case, the individual ovens are provided with a central control unit. The BONFIRE is available in three different versions, as required. Whichever model you decide on, you will receive durable, professional oven technology featuring a number of key benefits.

The perfect wood-fired oven model for your bakery

Every bakery is different and needs individually fitting products. Therefore WACHTEL offers its ovens in a great variety of models. versions and equipment options. The wood-fired oven BONFIRE is available in three different versions:

  • Modell 3.12.20
  • Modell 6.18.20
  • Modell 3.18.20

Please see the brochure for further details or contact us right away to get the answers to your questions about the different types and versions.


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Project manager
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