WACHTEL goes green

At WACHTEL GmbH, we work with and for our bakery customers to develop and manufacture innovative products. We are driven by a constant desire to optimise and by an ambition to create unbeatable products whilst constantly taking our sensitive environment into consideration. Environmental protection is compatible with modern technology. We are committed to sustainable solutions for an intact environment.

We took an important step towards ramping up our sustainability when we joined the ÖKOPROFIT® NRW network, a national project already successfully established in many towns, cities, municipalities and districts across Germany. We have benefited from partnerships with other companies, local authorities and experts since January 2016. Collaborating in a strategic triangle has provided us with a great introduction to optimising our environmental and energy management policies. We have used the synergies that emerged as a result of this programme and specifically invested in a range of environmental measures that enable us to preserve valuable natural resources and improve our energy and ecological footprint.

We will continue to be on the look-out for optimisations to minimise the unwanted environmental impacts of our activity. We have outlined environmental guidelines as rules for our specific plan of action. Come and take a look! You may even find some inspiration here.



Record operating costs and optimise oven utilisation.

Keep tabs on your operating costs. The ENERGY MANAGER provides cost reports for various time frames (day, week, month, year) clearly, in compact format and with up-to-date information. This means you know when how much water, electricity and gas or oil have been used and you can check the effectiveness or energy saving measures. You can obtain the overviews of your operating costs directly on your IQ TOUCH control on the bakery oven.

The ENERGY MANAGER also provides smart capacity optimisation. The system observes the user’s baking habits. Once the oven is ready to bake, it knows when the oven has been baking and suggests optimised times for adding uncooked goods.

Eligible for funding: Water and energy usage are continuously recorded as standard. Therefore the ENERGY MANAGER ensures data quality compliant with DIN EN ISO 50001. The system is one of the solutions that has been declared eligible for funding in accordance with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy’s directive.

Heat recovery

state-of-the-art, efficient and cost-effective

We offer energy-conscious bakers the ideal solution for heat recovery.

Heat recovery from flue gases

On average, around 15% of energy is lost through flue gas, although 80% of this energy can be recovered with the heat recovery system. Once the load capacity of the buffer has been reached, the heat is passed through the heat exchanger. A safety temperature limiter protects the system from overheating.

Heat recovery from steam

The energy in the discharged steam is around 70%, of which around 50% can be recovered in the heat exchanger.

In less than 3 years

Calculations show that, in most cases, investing in a heat recovery system pays off in less than three years.

Latest generation

We only use modern plate heat exchangers, which are ultra-compact and robust. They have a large heat transfer surface, so they are a highly efficient solution for thermotechnical functions.


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