WACHTEL goes green

At WACHTEL GmbH, we work with and for our bakery customers to develop and manufacture innovative products. We are driven by a constant desire to optimise and the ambition for sophisticated products that cannot be beaten on quality, without harming the environment. Our sustainable solutions help to protect the environment.


Corporate responsibility towards nature, wildlife and society has become more important over the past few years. We are committed to creating a more sustainable world by reducing waste, cutting down on emissions and saving energy. Environmental awareness is high on our agenda, as all employees at our company would agree. This mindset is reflected in our (inter)national collaboration with colleagues, customers, collaboration partners and suppliers.

We took an important step towards ramping up our sustainability when we joined the ÖKOPROFIT® NRW network, a national project already successfully established in many towns, cities, municipalities and districts across Germany. We have benefited from partnerships with other companies, local authorities and experts since January 2016. Collaborating in a strategic triangle has provided us with a great introduction to optimising our environmental and energy management policies. The group workshops and individual on-site consultations were distinguishing features of the modules in the ÖKOPROFIT® consultation and qualification programme. We have exploited the synergies that emerged as a result of this programme and specifically invested in a range of environmental measures that enable us to preserve valuable natural resources and improve our energy and ecological footprint. We will continue to be on the look-out for optimisations to minimise the unwanted environmental impacts of our actions and activity. We have outlined environmental guidelines, rules for our specific plan of action. Come and take a look! You may even find some inspiration here.


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