Bäcker Peter Christmas market 2017 | Wachtel GmbH

Bäcker Peter bakes for a good cause at the Christmas market in Essen with our PICCOLO- and we are helping too

It's a beautiful and well-received tradition: This year again, Bäcker Peter has joined forces with the relief organization Adveniat at the Christmas market in Essen and bakes for a good purpose! And we are happy to support our reference customer with a four deck PICCOLO again.

Bäcker Peter donates all earnings of the Christmas booth to the bishops` action Adveniat that commits itself to social projects. 

The Christmas booth is located close to the “Burgplatz” and is open from 27th November to 22nd December 2017 (12 to 19 o`clock). Visitors and lovers of excellent bakery products can observe master confectioner Ralf Schmidt producing lots of delicacies.

Every customer supports the social campaign of Adveniat with the purchase of any of the products. Bäcker Peter supports the charity-activity on the Christmas market in Essen for the 13th time in a row now.