WACHTEL Asia in Hilden

Our colleagues from WACHTEL Asia have been visiting our WACHTEL headquarters in Hilden. For one week the five of them got to know their German colleagues, visited the whole company including the production nextg door and took part in internal seminars- all under the slogan "Sales and Baking".

Hilden welcomed our guests with warm sunrays. The bakers and salesmen from China and Taiwan used the last nice days of the year not only to strengthen their relationship with the German colleagues, but also to visit our local customers, who took great pleasure in this meeting. In four bakeries and stores, our colleagues got to know the WACHTEL ovens and helped with the baking process - it was an extraordinary exchange of knowledge, baking programs and cultural differences of course. 

A lot of baking took also place in the own WACHTEL baking showroom, i.e. on the two deck ovens COLUMBUS and INFRA as well as on the in-store baking oven THERMICO PLUS. Here, our guests got to know about the huge product variability, of which all employees profited at the end of the day. 

Next to the test baking, the candidates from Taiwan and China also informed themselves about the national and international sales as well as the external and internal communication strategy of WACHTEL.

We have enjoyed this intercultural week a lot and hope to see our Asian colleagues very soon again!