3-day workshop for 50 customers from Czech Republic and Slovakia

Tuesday, 2nd of April, 10 am in the morning, Hilden, Germany. Outside temperature: 12 °C. Felt temperature in our test bakery: over 40°C.

Around 50 customers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia started their first of three days interactive workshop in our customer center.

This time, the center of attention was our innovative cooling equipment, focusing on the long-term proofing systems COOL RISING and COOL RISING PLUS. The benefits of this modern technology are so compelling that more and more bakeries use it - small craft bakers as well as bakeries with several stores.

During the three days, the participants did not only enjoy a lively exchange on products, ingredients, yeast use and future projects but also produced plenty of baked goods with our master bakers, such as baguettes, bread rolls, Hefezöpfe, cinnamon rolls and much more. By this means, the observing participants were able to see and experience the optimal development of dough pieces in the COOL RISING cells. Afterwards everyone could try the results, as taste and aroma are worth a thousand words. Apart from the high sensory quality of pastries, the energetic advantage of the COOL RISING process was explained and highlighted: Compared to conventional  long-term proofing, bakers can save up to 30 – 50 % energy.

Lastly, the visit to our customer Bäcker Peter was a special highlight of the trip. Why? What there is to see is a state-of-the-art bakery production with more than 2,500 square meters, 17 WACHTEL cooling cells and 18 R-EVOLUTION ovens.

We are happy about the sucessful and entertaining workshop and say thank you for fruitful and open discussions!

See you soon!
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