9 ton furnace floats above the roofs of the Eifel

The delivery of our BONFIRE wood oven required a complex air transport.

After just having survived the storm on Sunday, on monday, in the first week of June a spectacular oven delivery took place in the tranquil village of Stotzheim, close to Euskirchen. Our customer the bakery Smith got delivered our largest, heaviest and most valuable oven - the wood-fired oven BONFIRE.

To ensure such a costly delivery, it takes long lead times and planning, especially if the oven is too large for the front door of the bakery, which is located in a side street only a few feed wide in the 4,000-inhabitant village. This street was blocked for hours, until at last the 250-tonne crane drove in to set up in front of the bakery. 1.5 hours later, the metal eyelets were attached to the wood-fired oven and the crane pulled out its 50-meter jib, which slowly but surely carried the wood-firedoven skyward.

In the meantime, a group of bystanders came in who followed the spectacle with interest. As long as the preparations lasted, the actual transport at the end was completed quite quickly: the wood-fired oven, 2.1 m wide, 3.4 m deep and 3.4 m high, hovered in the air for just under ten minutes and landed safely on the other side of the house  in th courtyard to the bakery. There it was transported through a nearly 4x4m large hole, to ultimately reach the bakery.

As of next week, the bakery Smith will bake on our biggest, the BONFIRE and our smallest, the PICCOLO oven. Benni, owner and master baker of the Bakery Smith is pleased that the delivery has gone perfectly and his neighbors are already curious about the new wood-fired oven products. With his sustainability concept, he wants to stand out from the competition with the reopening and use only natural ingredients and raw materials as a craft bakery. Customers can look forward to crunchy wood-fired bread and fresh, hand-made wood-fired bread rolls.