ATTENTION copy cat!

Although copies of our „WACHTEL WINKLER ovens“ should make us proud, it doesn´t. Please pay attention - we have unfortunately again come across copies of nameplates and ovens in Eastern Europe and Asia!

The german WACHTEL GmbH and its subsidiaries WACHTEL Asia, WACHTEL Poland and WACHTEL Russia sell exclusively directly or through officially designated dealers to our customers.

We do not cooperate with other companies. We manufacture all bakery ovens and cooling systems by ourselves in our factories in Germany and/or in Taiwan.

We strongly point out that there is a possibility of confusion at first sight. WACHTEL GmbH manufactures ovens and cooling systems exclusively from high-quality materials.

To be sure that the product is an original German design product, please always ask our subsidiaries WACHTEL Asia, WACHTEL Poland or WACHTEL Russia for confirmation.


We would like to thank all our customers for the trust they have placed in our brand so far.