A spirit of innovation

Dear WACHTEL customers,
Dear WACHTEL friends,

Ideas that benefit customers, enhance quality and confirm our reputation for innovation – this is what the name WACHTEL stands for since the company was founded almost 100 years ago. It took determination and self-confidence to invest more than 3 million euros in new technology at our two production sites in Hilden near Düsseldorf and Pulsnitz near Dresden in 2020, a year dominated by the coronavirus pandemic.

The current economic circumstances present us with challenges, but we also recognise the opportunities. We at WACHTEL have always managed to reinvent ourselves, and our focus on artisan bakers is paying dividends. Despite the pandemic, we have continued to recruit new staff in the last 12 months in the expectation of further growth. Although the lockdowns led to a temporary drop in sales of 12%, we have been able to achieve sales growth of 14% and even increase our order intake by a proud 42%.

We developed the innovative IQ TOUCH control system back in 2015 and incorporated it as standard in all WACHTEL ovens. Our digital IQ TOUCH technology with REMOTE access, load optimisation and eco functions made us pioneers in sustainable baking. IQ TOUCH control subsequently went on to acquire the ENERGY MANAGER feature, and in 2018, we were awarded the iba Innovation Prize. Since then, we have been developing GreenTech: solutions with even greater determination for the sustainable energy efficiency of our ovens and CO2 cooling systems. In conventional ovens, more than half of the energy consumed is not used for the actual baking process, but is vented off into the environment as steam and exhaust gases. To cut down on this waste of energy, we developed a patented steam recovery system for our ATLAS rack oven, which was launched to instant market acclaim in 2020.

The trend towards green electricity continues. The majority of our products are, of course, electric ovens for the bakery sector. Baking has always been an energy-intensive business, with in-store bakeries making especially high demands – an in-store baking oven often accounts for 40-45% of the electricity bill for the retail outlet.
The spirit of innovation has a long tradition at WACHTEL, so it came as no great surprise when we became the first and so far only oven manufacturer to be awarded a VDE energy-saving certificate for our new PICCOLO PRO in February 2021. Leading the way with our innovative MULTI ZONE BAKING technology (four sensors per baking chamber), we achieve maximum dough/pastry uniformity and save up to 33.6% electricity.*

This energy-saving certificate from VDE provides objective evidence for customers who are about to make a major investment and gives added incentive to saving energy by replacing old ovens. The certificate makes customers eligible for government subsidies as well as giving them a cost advantage and competitive edge.

In the meantime, I look forward to meeting you all again soon in person.

Yours sincerly,
Oliver Frey & the entire WACHTEL Team

 *compared to previous modell