Biggest baker competition in Hungary was held on WACHTEL's INFRA oven

On August 19th and 20th the biggest artisan bakery festival in Hungary named "Kenyérlelke Fesztivál" took place in Budapest. More than 20 artisan bakeries were competing in 5 different categories: wheat bread, wholegrain bread, baguette, croissant and kifli (local specialty). There was also a competition for home bakers.

Of course, both competitions were hold on our INFRA electric oven which was placed on a great stage. The festival is owned by three persons: the masterbaker Mr. József Vajda (Pékműhely), who is known for being the messiah of artisan (sourdough) bakers, the television media celebrity and presenter Mr. Till Attila and a practical person, the event organizer Mr. Áron Németh.

All of them are quite famous in Hungary.

Needless to say that all of the bakers were thrilled of our deck oven INFRA (link to website) that work more economically and flexibly to achieve top quality at artisan baking not only for the most delicious stone oven bread.

"Kenyérlelke Fesztivál" is the most famous festival and competition in Budapest with lots of visitors. There is a blossoming period for the artisan bakeries in Hungary and we"re proud to be a part of it.

Thanks to our partner and dealer in Hungary "Kogep" for making this amazin event possible!

For more information, pictures and videos visit the official facebook site of the event: