W-SIGHT - digital support anytime and anywhere

WACHTEL is one of the first manufacturers specialising in bakery oven and cooling technology to use the W-SIGHT visual assistant tool for installation, set-up and maintenance work, including remote support for projects outside Germany.

Here at WACHTEL, we have faced many new challenges since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. With the imposition of travel restrictions at international level, it has been and occasionally still is not feasible for our German service team to undertake installation, assembly or maintenance work at construction sites abroad. We therefore looked for a digital solution that would enable us to communicate with our colleagues and customers in other countries from any location, both now and in the future.

For the past six months, we have been using a visual assistant tool and redefining our benchmark: W‑SIGHT is a program for collaboration and knowledge sharing that connects technicians and experts on and off site via live video and audio. Augmented Reality* supports our colleagues in the performance of maintenance and repair work as well as in the correct operation of equipment. W‑SIGHT allows our experts to see exactly what the customer or colleague sees. This enables us to remotely identify a quick fix that can be applied to the oven or cooling system. This not only simplifies service provision but also protects our environment – fewer business trips means reduced CO2 emissions.

“With W-SIGHT we are expanding as an innovation leader and are setting new standards in the digitization of our premium ovens and cooling systems. Our demanding customers are helped even faster, ”says Oliver Frey, owner and chairman of the management board. "We are also reducing CO2 emissions through fewer flights and business trips."

At the moment, the WACHTEL team uses W‑SIGHT to monitor and supervise installation sites, as well as for support during installation and set-up. W‑SIGHT has met with positive feedback from our service technicians and our foreign dealers. Our next step will be to extend this tool for use in the identification of spare parts.

*Augmented reality (AR) is the computer-based extension of reality perception. The information processed can encompass all human sensory modalities.