The dutch art of baking on the R-EVOLUTION rack oven

Achterberg Bakery, Veenendaal - a town in the Dutch province of Utrecht

Just one glance into the production and baking range of Achterberg Bakery and the reasons for the company’s ongoing success quickly become clear: Everything is focused on absolute quality. The well-trained and motivated staff play a huge role in this as of course does the modern bakery technology. Since 2018 Achterberg Bakery has been baking with two new R-EVOLUTION rack ovens.

Why have the R-EVOLUTION rack ovens now become indispensable for the daily working routine at Achterberg Bakery? Our trading partner SPRONK went to Veenendaal to find out. Primarily it is the baking results themselves. Traditional Dutch breads have more moisture and a significantly longer shelf-life. The high temperature stability and lower energy consumption are also persuasive factors.

“Our customers immediately noticed the improved baking quality”, said Mr Henk Achterberg, owner. There was also praise for the excellent customer advice and after-sales support provided by SPRONK and WACHTEL.

We are delighted with the appreciative feedback and wish Achterberg Bakery continued success and much baking pleasure!