The very first – and so far the only – VDE Energy Saving Certificate for a bakery oven

GreenTech – PICCOLO PRO is proven to consume up to 33.6%* less energy

In an extensive VDE certification process lasting several days, tests in laboratory conditions were carried out on crusty bread rolls, croissants and bread loaves in the new deck oven. WACHTEL GmbH is the first manufacturer of bakery ovens to be certified by VDE confirming that the new PICCOLO PRO consumes up to 33.6% less energy. *

VDE is an association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies as the only organization in the world that combines science, standardization, testing, certification and application.

 “More than 60% of the bread and in-store ovens sold by WACHTEL today are electric deck ovens. Since it is a well-known fact that electricity is becoming greener and more environmental in Germany, it was essential for us to develop an oven that responds specifically to this trend and will operate environmentally in the market for the long-term,” explains Oliver Frey – Owner and Chairman of the Executive Board of WACHTEL. “Another very positive side effect is that German customers receive a one-off public energy grant from the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy of up to €4,000 for each exchanged PICCOLO PRO. We have seen an extremely high demand for this in our initial sales discussions with our customers.

Depending on baking times and quantities, a 30% energy saving per oven can also lead to annual savings of up to €5,000 for each store.

The VDE also established that up to 45.9% less water was consumed in the baking of bread rolls, croissants and bread loaves. *

Both the level of the public grants and the amount of energy and water saved depends on the specific bakery operation and the energy saving plan.

“We deliberately decided to work with the VDE Institute as an external partner,” continued Frey. “The VDE Institute has many years of experience in energy efficiency measurement and with its state-of-the-art test systems the Institute guarantees high quality testing which then provides our customers with a high degree of planning certainty.”


*Compared to previous model