Experience digital advantages with WACHTEL and BÄKO

To help members of BÄKO and customers of the baking industry find their way through the confusing mass of digital services, BÄKO has made a short film showing three examples which provide convincing answers to the question “Why do I need that?”.

In this almost eight-minute-long film, three leading BÄKO trade partners — WACHTEL, Hobart and Koma — explain how many, thanks to digital changes in the baking trade, convenient and safe advantages have been implemented in daily business. These changes always include a sustainable improvement of energy efficiency, as well.

The advantages of connected oven technology and digital product monitoring are demonstrated using the example of WACHTEL REMOTE. The film also focusses on new insights regarding consumption and operating processes and how production can be optimised. On the basis of the modern IQ TOUCH control system, for example baking programs, can be created and processed across different sites — for a higher process transparency and quicker response times. The aim is to improve the quality of baked goods and to enable their reproducibility on the highest level; both today and also in the future. The film continues to speak about the issues of controlling energy consumption which, in turn, leads to an effective reduction of costs.

See for yourself and be inspired.