Industrial CO2 – cooling- system for “Bäcker Peter” in Essen, Germany

Production facility is upgraded with high-tech CO²- cooling cells

The craft bakery Peter in Essen attaches great importance to the careful selection of processed ingredients. So only the best raw materials may be used.

The Peter family attaches particular importance to the fact that only natural ingredients are used and combined. Additives and preservatives are not used! With 50 branches, the family business, which has been operating since 1905, is one of the pioneers in our business.

Bäcker Peter describes himself as “Germany's most modern bakery”, which we are very proud of. The entire bakery is equipped with our ovens and cooling cells. A special highlight here: The new combination cooling cells with the largest viewing windows in the industry, each with 4 x 1 meters per cell! These are equipped with orange-colored lights that reflect the corporate colors of the craft bakery. Since the family company traditionally has a lot of visitor traffic, a special appearance is very important.

Before the Corona crisis, we visited Klaus and Alexander Peter in Essen. Klaus Peter: “We´ve been working with WACHTEL for decades. We get the best products and the best service!” Oliver Frey replies: “It´s a pleasure for us to equip such an industry leader. Here you can see how tradition meets hightech. That's why WACHTEL is a perfect fit for Peter!” As a freshly baked bread sommelier (special german training program in the bakery industry), Alexander Peter spends most of his time in the bakery and attaches particular importance to the quality and freshness of the products. “Many bakers often forget that long-term management with the right cooling processes makes up a very large part of the finished product. We use the COOL RISING® system to always be on the right side!”

We wish family Peter all the best because they love what we love: perfection and quality!