iba Award 2018 | Wachtel GmbH

WACHTEL as winner of the iba Awards 2018

Energy- and cost savings, better product quality and improved hygiene in the production: Our project IONIC HAZE wins the innovation prize

September, 24th 2018

For the fifth time, the iba Awards of Backtechnik Europe were awarded in Munich. Michael Wippler, President of the Central Association of the German bakery trade, handed over the iba Awards. They stand for innovations for the industrial production of baked goods, which were presented to the public at the world's leading trade fair iba for the baking industry for the first time.

Launched at the WACHTEL booth was an innovative approach to revolutionising the flow of steam in baking processes: IONIC HAZE. The steaming is decisive for a good quality of most baked goods. At the same time, it is a particularly energy-intensive process within the baking process. So we thought about ways to save energy and found a solution with IONIC HAZE:

The system combines the spraying of a fine aerosol by ultrasonic nebulizers with the ionization of the dough pieces. So no moisture gets on the Conveyor belt, which leads to better hygiene conditions. Within seconds, thanks to the perfect wetting of the dough pieces with aerosol, there is at least 30 percent energy savings. Also, the water consumption is significantly reduced.

We are proud of the award.