III. Bakers Day | Wachtel GmbH

WACHTEL at the III. Bakers' Day

Organized by the research constructor ttz Bremerhaven, the III. Bakers' Day took place from 28th to 01st March 2018. The event addresses experts from the bakery industry who seek to exchange information about the newest and most relevant innovations within the industry.

Needless to say that WACHTEL was on site with a team of experts. Our colleagues Jürgen Matzantke and Georg lang as keynote speakers convinced the audience with their presentation and live-demsonstration about the project IONIC HAZE (electrostatic pre-conditioning of dough pieces). This is a new, specific moistening technique for dough pieces previous to the baking process. This technique is supposed to increase baking quality while at the same time reduce energy costs.

The interest and feedback of the large audience was huge, just as expected.