Update Crisis management: Coronavirus

You can count on us!

Dear WACHTEL customers and friends,

the last few weeks of the Corona crisis with severely restricted mobility demanded a lot from all of us. The gradual resumption of public life is now extremely cautious, since nobody wants to make a mistake and risk a relapse.

At WACHTEL, "digitized work" with video conferencing and home office has become an integral part of our new, normal day-to-day work. We also started visiting our customers again with protective masks and safety distance. The commissioning of our new, extremely successful hightech rack oven ATLAS continues.

Our two German production sides work in two shift operations and our entire production runs with minimal restrictions: All German bakery customers get their ovens and cooling equipment at the agreed delivery dates. Our customer service is very busy, too. Only in our international business might be delays due to the border closings.

These turbulent times have mobilized all of our energy and we remain vigilant.

Please stay healthy!

Yours sincerly,
Oliver Frey