Foundation stone ceremony in perfect weather conditions

The construction of our new headquarter building in Germany is well under way

Hilden, 27. October 2015

The weather couldn't have been any better on this October morning, being a guarantee for good mood among our 100 guests who had come to attend the foundation stone ceremony on a sun-drenched construction site at our headquarters in Hilden.

The coffee roastery Mocambo supported us with an Apecar - a mobile espresso bar - giving a warm welcome to our guests with their excellent coffee specialities. After some introductory words of our CEO Oliver Frey, the mayor of Hilden Mrs. Brigit Alkening gave a short speech as well as Heiko Hensing, representing the construction company Vollack, who lead over to the traditional ceremony. 

The cornerstone as a time capsule

As a tradition, the especially designed stainless steel box was filled with the daily newspaper, the first drafts and blueprints of the building, as well as with an old, original oven label from previous owner and chairman of the advisory board Günter Wachtel. The filled cornerstone was then bricked in symbolically. Guests to the finished building will be able to view this time capsule at a representative place inside the building.

Following the official act, our guests enjoyed a tasty goulash soup and freshly baked bread from our master bakers.

Drawing of the new office building

Apart from the employees of our location Hilden, who are witnessing the constant construction progress every day, various employees of Vollack were present. For the last ten months we have been working together very closely to plan and process this large-scale project. Fortunately, this construction project also laid the cornerstone to a partnership between WACHTEL and Vollack which comprises joint projects for customers of the bakery sector. Together we are now able to offer turnkey concepts for modern bakers which combine the expertise of Vollack as a specialist for methodical building construction with premium baking technology from WACHTEL.

„The new building has to fit with WACHTEL"

With this apparent easy guideline, being likewise a challenging target, Vollack had almost a carte blanche to develop a suitable design. And they kept their promise. The new building will be a modern fusion of wood and glass and a guaranteed eye catcher at our company headquarters at Hans-Sachs-Strasse 2 in Hilden. A wooden front - due to its measurements unique in Hilden - a panorama elevator and modern working environments for the employees will support the ongoing intended impulse of modernization and innovative set up of WACHTEL. That was also pointed out by Oliver Frey in his speech; he has been successfully leading the family company for two years now and is ensuring that in its third generation WACHTEL adopts a dynamic and global oriented position. As a part of this concept the four-storied office building with 1,200 square metres of open and modern working space will allow that people communicate and work together in a flexible and optimal way.


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