Proud to be a baker!

This Advent period gives us the chance to look back on the year 2020 with its many restrictions.

Dear Customers,
Dear Friends of WACHTEL,

This Covid year will enter our history books because this crisis has mercilessly impacted every aspect of life. There will be no return to the “old normal” because we have learned how to work with increased digitalisation along with less mobility. We have been forced once again to focus on the essential and the meaningful. Health, and the associated healthy nutrition, has become important once again: ‘Quality is cool’.Our customers have had to accept sales losses in their snacks, café and delivery businesses, but the bread business has reached record highs and has finally once again become the focus of artisan bakeries. However, the renaissance of fresh, artisan bread production had already started before this crisis with daily freshness and regional products gaining in importance. In Germany in 2020 we achieved a sales record with our classic products, the INFRA (electric) and COLUMBUS (gas) bread ovens. This revival of our bread ovens is mainly being driven by younger bakers who once again are yearning for genuine artisan craftsmanship. We very much need these hard-working, young bakers who look good in their baking trousers. They bake excellent genuine bread using regional ingredients. And once again we need a baker lobby. Of course bakers must also be allowed to earn money and drive a good quality car, like every other entrepreneur – and be proud to be a baker again!

The natural production methods and raw materials differentiate them from the cheap bakery products offered by discounters. For example, tasty bread, with natural ingredients such as the “Dicke Antoinette” is freshly baked at our customer Hellmich in their test bakery in Germany (see here). Taste needs time and slow COOL RISING® with its long fermentation phases is used more and more often at this bakery. Organic and gluten-free bakery products are also emerging quickly from their niche. We baked and tasted them in our test bakery together with our customer Robert from Maisterei (see here).

The energy transition to ‘green energy’ is in full swing worldwide and we hope this will lead to cleaner air and a better climate. Our customers are increasing their investments in energy-saving ovens which have received generous government financial support. We have developed PICCOLO, our best-selling electric in-store oven and submitted it to an extensive VDE (Association of German Electrical Engineers) certification process. The new PICCOLO PRO was successful in obtaining this VDE-certification and will now save more energy than ever. From spring 2021 we are looking forward to showing you the benefits of our new PICCOLO PRO - now genuinely green (see here).

In 2020 we have learnt how to handle Covid professionally and cautiously. In light of this, we continue to welcome every personal contact – of course with distancing and understanding. From Spring 2021 we will have succeeded in largely putting Covid behind us.
I wish you and your families a happy and blessed Christmas and a healthy 2021. We hope to see you soon,

Kind Regards
Oliver Frey & and the entire WACHTEL Team